Foresight Market Research

Terms and Conditions

The following document represents the Terms and Conditions involved in how Foresight Market Research provides services and products to the customers. By using the website of Foresight Market Research or its affiliates, users agree to this Terms and Conditions. This is also applicable for a variety of electronic communications that may happen between the website and the end-user. Foresight Market Research reserves the complete discretion to revise the document, without notifying individual users of the same. Therefore, customers are requested to visit the Terms and Conditions page before they involve in any kind of transaction involving Foresight Market Research.


From here on, terms such as the website and we will be used to refer to Foresight Market Research.

Electronic Communications Between Foresight Market Research and Users

Foresight Market Research is an online website, and the primary transactions between Foresight Market Research and users are made in the electronic form. It should be noted that any kind of electronic communication from the user’s side — which includes visiting the website, sending an email, subscribing to the newsletter, purchasing a market report or many other things — provides Foresight Market Research the right to communicate with the end-user. Users also agree that parts of the communications from the side of Foresight Market Research are legally bound and that they are considered in written form for further references.


Copyright Over Content

Content published on Foresight Market Research, including but not limited to text, images, videos, graphics, logos, and others unless specified, is the intellectual property of Foresight Market Research. Reproduction of the same would be a violation of the copyright policy and would invite legal charges for those who are involved in the process. All the content is being protected via a number of international laws with respect to content copyright.

By using Foresight Market Research, you agree that you will not be copying, distributing or in any way reproducing content that is published on the website — unless you have the explicit consent from the entities of Foresight Market Research. Likewise, it is illegal to use third-party tools for extracting content from Foresight Market Research.


Contract for Purchases

Foresight Market Research offers a number of paid products and services through the website. According to the contract for the purchase of services/products, however, the users are requested to pay for the product right after the order has been placed. Without the receipt of the payment from the customer, delivery processes would not be initiated by Foresight Market Research.

At Foresight Market Research, we follow a No Return policy, the details of which can be found in the Return Policy sector of the website. It should also be made clear that Foresight Market Research will not be responsible for delays caused by force majeure, or other reasons that we do not have control in, in delivering the products or services.


Content License and Access to the Website

Users are provided a limited, removable license that allows them to create a link to Foresight Market Research when they’d make a purchase from the website. However, this license must not be used to create a misleading image of the website, its affiliates or the products/services provided by the company. In addition to this, making use of logos and other content from Foresight Market Research requires written permission from Foresight Market Research and the lack of the same would invite legal consequences.

The licensed referred to above does not provide the right for the customer to reproduce content published on Foresight Market Research. The license has been designed for personal use, and it cannot be turned into commercial use at any instance. It should also be noted that the use of data extraction tools, such as mining and bots, is also held questionable under the copyright policy. Using any of these means, thereby violating the contract, will cause legal consequences to the user.

In addition, whoever found to have violated these policies will have their licenses suspended, thereby cutting down the access to the products/services/website.


Product/Service Delivery Time

An order placed on Foresight Market Research is accepted only after a successful payment for the same. Orders, whose total payments have not been completed in the stipulated time period, may be cancelled or suspended. In case an order has been accepted and registered on our database, the product/service will be shipped at the early period possible. However, as per the time-frame, it may take between 24 to 48 hours for electronic delivery of the product to take place.

On the other hand, users who have ordered the hard copy of the product/service would be required to wait a longer, since the same would be dispatched from the United States or European Union region. We recommend our users to opt for the soft copy, thus also supporting our Go Green initiative. This would also mean that the product/service is delivered to the customer quite instantly.


Shipping Charges

Foresight Market Research does not have any shipping charge for electronically delivering a report that has been purchased from the website. This delivers is global and can be done in a few minutes, depending on the inputs from the users’ side as well. That having said, the hard copy of the product may require a shipping charge, of up to $300. Users who need the hard copy would have to pay this extra charge before the order can be processed and delivered.


Refund/Return Policy

Due to the instant and easily transferable nature of the product, Foresight Market Research follows a No Return policy for a product or service. It means that once purchased, the products or services cannot be returned. In order to know about the Refunds policy, please visit the Refunds page of Foresight Market Research.


Liabilities of the Parties

In the event of any breach or violation of the terms and conditions of this agreement, the parties agree to comply with the legislature used in the countries of their location (registration).

The users are liable for the authenticity and validity of the data submitted to the company in conformity with the legislature applicable in the countries of their location (registration).

In the event the company becomes aware of any serious breach by the user of the terms and conditions of this agreement, the company – in its sole discretion – may impose the following sanctions against such User:

Warning, warning and website access limitation, website access termination. (*User would be informed about such sanctions by e-mail and/or telephone)

The company is responsible for the interaction of users, only if and when the company is directly involved in the actual transaction between users.

Foresight Market Research is in no way liable for the accuracy and legality of information made available by users and posted online, or otherwise distributed through the website.

Foresight Market Research is not liable for payment required to be borne by users or for any taxes levied when reports are purchased, or additional services are ordered.

Foresight Market Research does not guarantee against the following – provided that such circumstances are outside of the company’s control: Website operation breaks, services provision is delayed, loss of information, data, or pictures residing on company’s computers, resulting from hardware and software breakdowns, and/or human error. However, the company will make all reasonable effort to eliminate and delays, breaks, or losses.